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On The Origin of the Opportunity

So...(as if there millions of people that have been waiting to hear), this is how I stumbled upon my opportunity.

I heard about a trip to New Zealand at my prarents' house, Christmas '03. A man named Dr. Bernard Holmes (who is a native of NZ) was attending Christmas with us, and he was leading the team (of which my older sister, Sherri 31, was a part). The trip was for an entire month, and I assumed that it would cost a small fortune. We would be assisting a local church with its' ministry.
I kinda thought, "Wow, that would be cool, but I can't afford it and I could never get off work." After I heard how much the trip would cost, however, I had to think again. Church members were going to provide housing and 2 meals a day! This left us to cover only the plane ticket, occasional meals, and souvenirs. We thought the tickets would be around $1200. That's basically it! For a month, only $1200!.
I eventually decided that if God wanted me to go, He would make it happen. So, I asked my work. I knew I would have two weeks of vacation to spend. Keep in mind, it is hard to even take off both of your weeks together, much less to be gone for an entire month! Well, God had other plans, because not only was my boss going to support my desire to go, but he commented, "Well, this sounds like something you should definitely do."
So, now that I had permission, I still had to come up with the funds. I recieved an email from Dr. Holmes requesting credit-card info. from all the team members, so he could purchase the tickets. I decided to trust God, and gave him the info.

You wouldn't guess how much my federal income tax check was for.

Yep, $1200.

So I found myself boarding a plane and heading for NZ. The trip went great. We all were learning a great deal, and serving in various areas of ministry at the church we were at. Then, about 2/3 of the way through the trip, the chairman of the elders sat me down in the sanctuary one day, and offered me the youth pastor position that had been available for 1 1/2 years. I was floored. I initially thought, "Why New Zealand?", but after consideration and some council, I began to think, "Why NOT New Zealand?"

I met several times with the elders, and agreed to take the offer back to the U.S., and pray and seek more council, then make a decision.

I had 4 plane trips to get back, and I was coming back alone. Auckland to Tahiti, to L.A., to Denver, and finally to Kansas City. As I was about to sit down on the last plane, I realized there was a girl in my seat. She asked me if she was in my seat, and began to gather her things. I offered 3-4 times to sit in the seat intended for her, and assured her that it was no problem, but she insisted that I sit in my scheduled seat. I (as other passengers were trying to sit down) agreed. A husband and wife were sitting next to me. He confidently introduced himself. I gave him my name, and he asked me where I was from, I answered and returned the question, and he said he was from around Orange Co., California. I knew of a very famous church in Orange Co, so I said, "Hey, cool! Maybe you've heard of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren (teaching pastor), Purpose Driven Life (book)?" He chuckled and answered, "Well, actually I am the executive Pastor of Saddleback." It turns out that he (Glen Kruen) was the perfect individual to answer some of the questions I had. We talked church the whole plane ride. He and his wife were very encouraging. He offered very biblical, practical advice. He was not out to 'fan the flame', but he didn't 'pour cold water' on my opportunity either. It was not a coincidence. God had planned this encounter.
Well, after prayer and seeking more wise council, I decided once more to trust God, and walk toward the open door and ask as I walk, that He would close the door if it wasn't his plan.
Every door concerning this decision has been wide open since.

Trusting Him,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dale...
I love to hear the story of New Zealand. It gives me goosebumps and tears all at the same time. As I sit here pondering what God has in store for me and my family over the next few weeks, I wonder where that open door is that I am so cloudy eyed to not see. Well...once again...thanks for posting your insightful stories and adventures! It gives me great encouragment and excitment to see what God is doing around the world!

Posted by Becky Hatley

3:03 PM




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